The Experimental Screwdriver

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For the Paranoia RPG:

This post is for all those Paranoia RPG lovers out there. This Speculative Object exists in the fictional setting of Paranoia.

The Experimental Screwdriver

Any veteran Paranoia player knows that there is nothing more dangerous than experimental equipment. If it doesn’t create a giant explosion, it always jams in the middle of battle. After awhile though, paranoia players get too used to the idea. My solution for this problem is the experimental screwdriver. The experimental screwdriver is made of titanium alloy and employs special polymer grip technology so that the screwdriver never slips from your hands. It has a compartment containing so many variant extensions that it can unscrew anything in Alpha Complex.

Of course like all things in the Paranoia RPG, this design just seems to be too good to be true. Well it is true except: if any member of Green security clearance or higher sees it, they will use their superior clearance to steal it. Among high security clearances citizens in Alpha Complex rumors about this screwdriver abound and they all want it for themselves. Any attempt to recover the screwdriver from the higher clearance thief is accused of being a traitor. Now for the finisher.
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