Theatre of Hades Illustration Wish List

November 26, 2012 at 12:05 am (Uncategorized)

For those of you that have arrived here know that I am looking for illustrations for my magical realist and Occupy inspired novel Theatre of Hades.

A great deal of the images would be related to architecture (towers, buildings, factories, and theatres). Other consistent images are murky ooze, living things infused with metal, caves, and military detention. Most of the images will be leaning towards the morbid side but any flavor is welcome. The posted titles of my chapters are as follows;

The 12 Prophets

  • Dr. Greek Goes to Washington
  • The Land of the Living
  • Cora’s Game
  • The Fall of the Tower of Words
  • Delphic Oracles and the Seraphim’s Vision
  • Case Files of HADES
  • The Cave Under the Bedroom
  • Girl Schools and Think Tanks
  • The Hidden Refuge of the Gnostics
  • The Mistress of Seeds

Concluding Attractions

  • The Numerologist Can’t Stop the Bees
  • The Garden of Treason
  • The Bank of Secrets
  • The Coffee House and the Quarter Machines

Part 2: Theatres

Introduction to the Theatres

  • Theatre of Prophets
  • Theatre of Tragedy

There are some stories that I’ve yet to write that I’d like to include:
Hemlock and the Playground
Theatre of Mirrors

I’d be interested in whatever people come up with, provided it’s dramatic. No kittens with sniper rifles or mushrooms eating toast. If a good idea came from the following list just comment on something I right. You can keep the originals if you’d like. The story being a film makes copies work just fine. Have fun.


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